Our commitment to hosting exceptional events and unforgettable dining experiences is how Grbic Events has become St. Louis’s trusted wedding venue and catering service.

We believe that the key to a successful event is you and your other half being surrounded by the people you care about in a celebration full of laughter, joy, and luxury.

Our team consists of a passionate team of chefs, creative minds, business leaders, and entertainers. We fully understand how culinary quality and ambiance contribute to your special day.

That’s why we don’t just set up lights and serve food. No — we strive to create an immaculate backdrop and prepare superb dishes that will make your vision come to life.

Grbic Events is the go-to St. Louis wedding venue and catering service specializing in stunning celebrations that will live on as a beautiful legacy.

A historical, one-of-a-kind venue
Sustainably-focused, in-house catering service
Delightful life-long impressions on you and your loved ones.

What to Expect

Thoughtful + Opulent + Unparalleled

We’re driven by the mission to thoughtfully reflect your vision, and creating an opulent experience for you with our unparalleled services

Why do we put in so much work?

When first immigrating to St. Louis from Bosnia, we didn’t start out running a restaurant and wedding venue. We extended a helping hand to refugees escaping the Bosnian War.

Being able to enrich people’s lives has always been part of our family mantra, and now we take immense pride in the opportunity we have to provide our clients with unsurpassed service.

Learn more about our humble beginnings

Find out more about the Grbic Experience

Our space is totally customizable. Featuring timeless European charm, wide arches, high ceilings, and touches of mid-century modern decor, you’ll find that turning your dream event — from the centerpieces to the scheduling — into reality will be effortless with the help of our talented staff.


Day-of Planning

We feature cuisine that’s 100% made in-house from scratch with locally sourced ingredients. Our venue is attached to our kitchen, ensuring only the freshest and highest quality dishes inspired by old-worldly traditions.


In-House Catering

Our venue is inspired by our traditional European roots. The exposed brick and open space provide the perfect backdrop for your wedding reception and dinner party. Our dedicated team goes above and beyond to create a space that will make your day the most beautiful and memorable night of your life.


Our Unique Wedding Venue

Celebrating your Happily Ever After

Our job is to provide sublime service

Your job is to dance the night away

Let’s plan your celebration